My last update on Egypt is beginning to look like week old veggies gone soft in the fridge. I celebrate with the people of Egypt in their happiness at moving towards democracy, but can’t completely throw off my Israeli fear of what may come next. Stratfor is calling this a military coup, which I think would surprise a lot of Egyptians. For Israel, a military government may be the easiest to deal with. After all, Egypt’s military has an interest in maintaining the status quo, if only to continue receiving US aid.

The bigger coup will be when the Egyptian people manage to vote for and install a new government that can truly be a light to the Arab world.

They have shown us that the “Arab Street” can be massive, yet maintain a non-violent opposition. This is HUGE. How many other countries have actually gone the non-violent, passive resistance approach, and won?

This is being called the Internet Revolution, and it does seem that social networking played a part in the end of Mubarak. I hope that the improved communication available via the Internet, and the way it enables former enemies to interact, will also help all sides bring a more peaceful existence to the people of this region. I am encouraged when I see how many Israelis comment on English language Arab blogs.

Let’s all hope that this is the beginning of a new, more democratic Arab world, one that continues to develop ties to Israel.