Busy apartment hunting, that’s my excuse for the sparse posting.

How do you know when you’ve found the right home? We have a lovely condo facing the Med, but it’s too small for both children to have their own room. Now that Karen will be starting first grade, I want her to have her own space.

Taking advantage of my current unemployment, I’ve spent the last month apartment hunting, but it’s proving more difficult than I had anticipated.

Unlike in the US where you have large rental complexes, here all condos are individually owned, so when you look for a rental, you need to deal with a different person for almost every place you want to see. There is no standardized application process and so much depends on who gets to any given apartment first. There is a housing shortage in Israel in general, but Tel Aviv has the largest shortage of family sized homes.

The photo shows our neighborhood. We want to stay nearby because, as you can see, we have some open grassy areas but everything is in walking distance – supermarkets, school, shops and major bus lines.