Just when I get all optimistic about potential for peace with our Arab neighbors, and when the entire Arab world is using non violent demonstrations to achieve political goals, somehow they can’t seem to integrate the success of these non-violent approaches to their war with Israel.

I didn’t notice the creep, but yesterday in the elevator, my neighbor said, “Here we go again. It started with the massacre of a family in Itamar and continued with more than 50 rockets fired into Israel over the weekend. Yesterday it was clear that things wouldn’t return to normal when bus bombings, a symbol of the last Intifada, returned to Jerusalem.

A week ago I was posting about Palestinian unity. Before that, I wrote about how great it was to see the “Arab Street”, achieve political change in non-violent demonstrations. I expressed hope that this success would bring the Palestinians to a decision to try and achieve their national aspirations non-violently. Apparently not going to happen, this round, at least.