…and a near drowning. Too near.  We went to the beach this morning with friends, and the kids waded in up to their knees.  I was with them both, when an undertow caught Matan off balance, and tipped him face forward into the water.  I was only a few feet away, but couldn’t seem to reach him, and Karen, who was closest to his feet, tried pulling him by the legs towards the sand.  Needless to say, her efforts inadvertently made it even less likely for Matan to find footing, and pull his head out of the water.

I managed to call for DH, but clearly he wouldn’t make it fast enough since he was sitting pretty far away and barely heard me.  He didn’t grasp what was happening.  I yelled, “he’s underwater”, and DH thought I meant the camera. Somehow, in genuine if cliche slow motion, I grabbed at his hair and shoved another hand under his chin to get his head out of the water, and then caught him under the arms to pull him out.  We were very fortunate.  He looked terrified when I pulled him out, and sputtered a bit, but apart from that, he was fine.  He decided to stay and play in the sand after that and stayed away from the water. He’s already asking to go back to the beach, but I’m not sure how keen he’ll be on going in the water next time.