Has it really been almost two weeks without a new post? Ouch.
Work is kicking my ass, and so are my two lovelies. Matan has been home sick for two days with a high fever, but luckily, no other major symptoms. He’s now saying new words all the time, but we have trouble understanding him. He’s been getting in more fights at pre-school, so I think his lack of language is frustrating him a bit. He’s still very social and plays with many different children. But he’s also one of the least verbal in his class, so we’ve decided to keep him at the same school for another year instead of registering him for municipal pre-school.

Karen began municipal pre-school at his age. She was more verbal than Matan, but still had a very hard time and suffered a lot of frustration because her language skills were significantly behind those of the girls in her class. Matan has more verbal delays than she did, and I want to keep him in a “younger” environment. By staying at his current school, he’ll be with children born in 2007, like him, but he’ll be the oldest, with his April birthday.

Municipal pre-school has several problems for us. First, he’ll have to be completely potty trained. He’s doing well, and I’m sure by September he will only be wearing night diapers, but we were advised by his occupational therapist not to push him so I allow him to choose whether he wants underwear or a diaper at home and when we’re outside playing on the lawn or at the nearby playground. When we ride in the car, or visit other people, I usually have him in diapers. The second problem with municipal schools is that there is no nap time. Matan still really needs a brief nap. And finally, many of the kindergartens mix two age groups in one class. Karen spent her first two years with half a class a year older than her, and this year she has half a class which is a year younger than her. I certainly don’t want him to be in a class where half the children are a year older than him.