Only 19 days to go before we move to our new apartment, and the excitement is building. We’ve packed up almost half our apartment and have boxes piled up near the entrance. Karen is really excited, but I’m worried about how to prepare Matan. True he has now been with us for more than a year, but he still seems like such a baby. Even though he does understand simple concepts and is speaking more, I still don’t think he’s capable of grasping the concept of “moving”.

Matan sees us packing up our belongings, and he sees the growing row of boxes in the foyer, but he doesn’t seem disturbed by it yet, most likely because he just doesn’t get it. I’ve tried explaining to him, but I think the best preparation is to take him to the new apartment, which he hasn’t seen yet. I’m thinking of bringing something from our home, something that he identifies with “home”, and allowing him to leave it there so he understands that he’s coming back. I’ll also reiterate my explanation that Mommy, Daddy, Karen and Matan will all live there soon.

What’s the big deal about moving, you may ask. With children adopted as toddlers, there are always attachment issues. Matan still cries when I leave him at home with a babysitter. Sometimes he even freaks if I leave for a short time and leave him with his father and sister. For him, the concept of family is something we have worked hard to define, and a big part of that definition revolves around the fact that “we” all live together. By necessity, that gives importance to the home itself.