First we boycotted cottage cheese because the producers where charging too much, then we sat in tents to demonstrate against the high cost of housing in Israel, and the complete inability of the average salaried worker to own a decent home.

Soaring food prices and outrageous housing costs are problems in many countries. It seems like Israelis are ignoring the elephant in the room to make a big deal over economic issues that are affecting consumers worldwide.

The Arab Spring showed all in our region, that when people are oppressed by a dictatorship they will risk it all to fight for change and relative freedom. Look at the Syrians, braving live fire to take to the streets, and getting killed for their desire for freedom.

It is telling that Israel translated that into consumer activism, which while noble on it’s own, seems ludicrous in a region where the daily news reports on war, missiles, armies and military preparedness. Clearly we need to learn to deal with the primary issue facing our nation, and that is the Palestinian issue. I believe that Israelis aren’t engaging in that discussion expressly because they are afraid to address the real issues. It’s much easier to demonstrate against the government than it will be for us to engage each other in the real issue of final borders, Jerusalem, and most importantly, how to deal with extremists, ours as well as theirs. Those are the real issues facing Israel. Affordable housing is important, but not existential.