The kids are on summer vacation, we completed our move, but all I post is boring political opinions that could have been written by any of many.

To the kids! K has been showing much more maturity and her behavior has significantly improved. She seems happier and even though she has run ins with other children, she seems to be controlling her outbursts really well. I’m having more fun spending time talking to her, she’s got a great mind and some really smart things come out of her. I love trying to figure out how her mind works. Either it’s complex, or I’m just simple. She has always seemed like an old soul and with her new found maturity, the ideas she comes up with can be fascinating. Of course, she remains one of the best bargainers and always seems to find a way to get the best deal she can in any given situation. Example is her summer program. She was nervous about starting the second session because a girl she has always has many problems with was going to participate. One of her teachers quietly came to me and suggested maybe K could spend time with the group next door where she also knows the teachers and many of the children. Now K has the best of both worlds. She picks and chooses which group she will spend time with depending on the program being offered. Pretty cool for a girl only just about to start first grade.

Meanwhile, M continues to expand socially. He’s popular both with the children and his caretakers at preschool. He managed the move in much better shape than I had expected. Everyone had warned me how difficult a move can be for a toddler adoptee. Granted, change is hard for everyone, especially children who may not understand why home is no longer home. I did my best to prepare both children. With K it was easier because I could explain the situation to her. With M, I brought him to see the place and explained to him that all four of us would soon live together here instead of where we were. I wanted to leave a personal item of mine so he could see we were coming back, but he didn’t like that idea, so we just visited and left. He got a transistor radio from our landlady, so he left happy.

Since we moved in both children have been behaving pretty well, and haven’t had sleep issues. M has even started going to sleep in his own room voluntarily. He’s never slept alone before. At the babyhome he slept with a roomfull of kiddies. He likes to spend time in K’s room as a lead up to bedtime, but he falls asleep, albeit late, in his own bed. We let him wander since we’ve found that regardless of what we do, he will go to bed when he’s ready, usually 9-9:30 pm. But he has to keep his voice down and leave K alone so she can sleep. She now asks us to remove him from her room when she’s ready to sleep at around 8 pm.

Luckily DH was prepared and took enough time off work. Also, we only moved a few blocks, but still had to pack, transport and unpack, then arrange. We’ve managed to complete 90% of the job. Now it will take use months to finish up the last 10.

Oh, yeah, we really LOVE the new apartment. So much SPACE!