Matan has headlice, ucckkkkKKKK! It’s very common in Israel during the summer months. Karen had a few early bouts, but she’s been lucky in the last few years. Matan, on the other hand, rubs his face and head on almost any animal with fur. He also has a fetish for girls with long hair, and likes putting his face and head inside a veil of girl-hair.

Matan has always had longish hair, but yesterday I took both kids for a haircut before school starts next week. We finally cut off Matan’s long blond tresses. He ended up with a very masculine, long-on-top, cropped-on-bottom cut. The back of his head was so short that he could have been a young Marine, ok, not exactly but he does have a sort of square head once you shave off the hair in the back, bottom of his head. See photo

So we cut his hair and headed for the pool, next door. I start petting his very short, almost shaved, lower head and spotted a few specks of dirt….I tried pulling one out, and it didn’t give easily. By then I was sure, and suddenly broke out in itching. Must have been empathy. I was surprised because once I got home and was able to assess the severity of his problem, I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t seen him scratch his head once this week. If Karen had been in his situation she would have been scratching and whining. He whined, but he does that regardless of itch or discomfort.

I poured half a bottle of a dimethicone solution into his hair, combed out all the nasties and put him to bed with a greasy head. The stuff was amazing. It made his hair so slippery that I was able to easily comb everything out, nits and all. Dimethicone is the same stuff they put in silicone drops for frizzy hair. It covers the hair shaft, and when you pour on a large amount, it smothers anything that may be living while making it easy to slide them off the hair shaft with a fine tooth comb.

Sorry for the subject matter, but I’ve heard parents face this unexpectedly and have no idea what to do. It seems like this dimethicone treatment is ideal since it doesn’t have any of the harsh chemicals aimed at killing the buggers.