I’ve been following the Arab Spring since @Sandmonkey first posted about Khaled Said’s vicious death at the hands of a brutal Egyptian police force. Sa’id was simply picked at random and beaten to death in an act that may have sparked the Egyptian Spring. I’ve been studying the opinions of the Arab elite online. I define them as the elite because they are educated, plugged in and have excellent English communication skills. But in so many cases, I am disappointed when I see the elite engaging in hysterical anti-Israel conspiracy theories and maintaining a closed mind when parroting classic Arab propaganda talking points. One blog in that category is @Zeinobia blog.

Last year I blogged about the dearth of English language Palestinian blogs written by Palestinians living in West Bank and Gaza. There were plenty of Palestinian bloggers living elsewhere, but I was really interested in the opinions of people living the reality. Today there are many English language Palestinian bloggers and Tweeps. I follow some to try and better understand their view and why they hate us so much. I can’t help but take it personally when I see so much hate directed at me simply for being a citizen of Israel. They feel the same way when they read posts by extreme right wing Israelis and supporters.

Today, as the rift between Israeli and Palestinian seems wider than ever, our homegrown terror groups seem to be gaining strength and audacity. More than their aggression, I worry that like the Arabs, most Israelis find it hard to condemn their religious right against the “enemy”. This makes it impossible to view the situation from the POV of the Arabs. I use “Arabs” rather than Palestinians because it appears that the hatred towards Israel is held among Arabs, almost universally. Likewise, there are few Israelis, myself included, who can see the Palestinian side as clearly as leftist Israeli Tweep, @ibnezra.

The Ha’aretz article linked here just made me further aware of how much hate is being generated by each act. We can’t control what the other side does, but we should be able to control what we do. It’s scary to be an Israeli when the news reports that “a left-wing activist was apparently the latest “price tag” victim…The incident follows last week’s vandalism attack on an IDF base in the West Bank, in apparent revenge for the demolition of unauthorized Jewish construction in settlement outposts there.” If the extremists can target their own armed forces, there to protect them, then how can I not believe any other behavior attributed to them?

Needless to say, it’s embarrassing to be associated with Israelis who are reported to be responsible for “a marked rise in acts of violence against mosques and Palestinian property”. This behavior makes it impossible to believe denials and claims of self defense when the same settlers are suspected of unprovoked physical violence against Palestinians.

Shin Bet: Israel’s extreme rightists organizing into terror groups – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News.