Hitting bottom often means there’s no way else but up. I don’t think Karen hit bottom, but she was really hating school until 10 days ago. Finally her teacher sent Karen to the principal for being constantly disruptive and touching other children in annoying or painful ways.

This principal is amazing! Karen came home that day quieter, and said she had done all her homework in the principal’s office. I had already scheduled a meeting with the principal on Monday to discuss how we should deal with Karen’s behavior. Sunday all went well, and Karen came home after a day she described as “fun”. Monday morning I nervously show up at the principal’s office expecting some sort of slap. Instead this wonderful woman told me that Karen is “amazing”. First off, she said that Karen has excellent concentration because she was able to complete her homework even while the principal was talking on the phone and having people in and out of her office. She said Karen worked on her assignment with great determination. We talked a little about her family and raising children. She said that she’d be happy to receive advice from Karen’s therapist.

But wait, Monday afternoon I pick Karen up from school and yet again I hear she behaved well. Tuesday was the same, and on Wednesday we celebrated Rosh HaShana. It truly looks like this time the New Year also brought about a profound change in Karen’s behavior. Can it be that simply being sent to the school principal’s office in itself brought out the angel in Karen?

And so it’s been more than a week of schooldays now, divided up by many days off for holidays and Karen seems to be happy at school. Yesterday we had our together day where I picked her up early and took her out to McDonald’s for lunch. She really values that time we have alone together and we had fun. She’s been busy with the sports and other after school activities. Her tennis teacher says that Karen’s been much more focused in the last 3 classes. Not sure if it’s related, or whether it’s just that she doesn’t have DH sitting there watching, judging.