I’ve noticed that a lot of people arrive at this blog after searching for “speech therapy”, so I guess it’s time to update with M’s situation. He’s had speech and occupational therapy for over a year, and still has a lot of trouble expressing himself verbally.

Experts believe that children adopted as toddlers have an emotional age that begins as if born at adoption. One game I play is to project that since this is the guideline for emotional development then it can also apply to speech. If that were the case, then M is really only just under 2 years old, not his biological 3.6. His speech is on target for a 2 year old boy, but no where near where it should be for M, who will soon be 4.

I had considered getting a private speech therapist who could work with him more than the once a week we get from our provider. We’ve consulted with his whole team at the Machon Lehitpatchut HaYeled” (Child Development Center). The team includes a speech therapist, occupational therapist and developmental physician. They’ve recommended that he attend a speech school next year instead of the regular municipal pre-school. The speech school is also run by the municipality, but instead of having some 35 students to a class, there are only 10, and the children spend much of their time with different therapies aimed at improving their verbal and emotional skills. Matan doesn’t really have any emotional issues so far as we know, but the lack of speech itself at this age causes increasing levels of frustration.

F-ck! locked myself out of the apartment, without a cell phone and without car keys and I’ve got to pick up the kids in 15 minutes. Oh, and it’s pouring. Ever so grateful to our dear neigbors who let me use their cell phone, picked my kids up with theirs and took us back to their apartment until DH could get home to let us in with his key.

More about Matan, later.