Birthday Cake

Fifth Birthday Cake

Less than a week to go before our Princess Party on Friday. Karen is excited, but balanced about it. She will be 7 years old next week!

Our last two birthday parties went reasonably well. Last year I don’t even recall any meltdowns. We had our first party for her at age 4, with only 6 children. She had 3-4 meltdowns. We had our first party for her girlfriends from preschool at her 5th birthday party. I recall only 1-2 meltdowns. Last year was the first year we had a semi-professional run the party, and I don’t recall a single meltdown. This year, we are inviting 20 girls, more than ever before. But I hired a very professional “Princess Party” entertainer, someone Karen had really enjoyed at another girl’s party recently. This is the entertainer Karen requested.

Our Princess entertainer is expensive, but we do get added value. She arrives early, decorates the whole living room, brings giveaways for all the participants and promises personal attention for all the girls, while maintaining Karen as the centerpiece for all activities. Anyone who knows my attention-seeking daughter will understand how important it is to her to be #1.

Her need to be the best, the first, #1, is frustrating, but may be useful to her later in life. While her competitive spirit makes it very hard for her to socialize and keep friends, it also ensures she excels at school and the sports she’s chosen for this year. I need to read up on highly competitive people to see whether there are any tips and tricks to help her file down her sharp edges when it comes to her need to win all the time, against everyone.