Kiftzuba This week the kids seem to be on an even keel. Almost a sense of normalcy even with all the work we’re doing to help K, and with her stuff at schhool going on in the background. Both kids are in the process of getting all their evaluations so we know what direction to aim for in the coming school year.

Matan is continuing with psychological and speech evaluations to present to the municipality so he can get into speech school next year. He just restarted his speech therapy after a short break. He’s really come a long way but the benefits of the speech school go beyond just speech, and should help him close the gaps in his overall understanding of the world so he’s ready to rejoin his peers in kindergarten or first grade.

We’re now halfway thru the process of finally getting a full psych work-up on K to rule out any serious issues. The school wants it, and frankly, so do we. We need some advice “from above” about whether her therapy is doing enough good or whether we should change focus somewhat. Maybe we need to direct more attention, as so many have advised, to sensory integration treatment along with her existing therapy to work on emotional issues. K’s really an excellent student, and takes her homework responsibilities seriously. Her report card was excellent, except for behavior. We have no room to complain at all. That’s why it’s so hard for all the “professionals”, from school to private therapists, to understand why her behavior is so extreme. She’s going to incredible lengths to moderate her behavior during class time, but still loses it during “down” times like breaks and those small spaces before class starts. She also has few, if any, behavioral issues during the after school sports she loves. The coaches are tough and gruff women. K clearly responds well to a caring, but very structured environment. School is often neither.