Somehow, things feel a little looser this week. Perhaps it’s because I took Karen to Moshe Elbaum for an evaluation. He’s treated thousands of children with sensory integration issues, as well as learning and behavioral problems. He was amazing during our initial evaluation. He totally “got” Karen, something it’s taken me years to do. Most people, even professionals, tend to assume a lot, and often get it wrong. He saw right through her, and told her straight up what he thought. He spoke to me with her present at all times and put her through some coordination exercises.

When I returned Karen to school, I mentioned to the principal that we were very late today because she had an evaluation with “a guy named Moshe Elbaum”. The principal was suitably impressed at the mention of his name, and said she didn’t realize he was back in Israel. Apparently he had been practicing in the US for almost 20 years before returning to Israel. I discovered that he is very well respected among educators in Israel, where he did his initial clinical trials.

So now we add Moshe Elbaum’s Method to our repertoire. She will of course continue with her therapist, to whom she’s become very attached. And of course Judo and tennis, twice a week each are also therapeutic for her. Next week we have a conference with the school. I think they will feel compelled to continue doing all they can, now that a well known personality in Israeli educational circles is treating our daughter. Name dropping can never be overrated.

A friend suggested I have Karen evaluated by Elbaum more than a year ago. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to just do it. I would wallow and talk about how guilty I feel, but I don’t. I’m only sorry we didn’t get evaluated a year ago, before the harsh reality of first grade.