Broke his arm at gan this week, awwww, baby

The good news is that Matan’s speech is improving, but not quickly enough. He was evaluated to determine the best pre-school special education program he will need next year. In addition to speech and emotional development, he also needs help with fine motor skills and general development. While we believe he was in a “better” orphanage, but he was still one of 12 children who lived in a very small room with almost no stimulation except their interactions with each other. Even today when he is in a new space he likes to go around and touch everything in the room.

During the two years that have flown by since we adopted him he’s been in speech and occupational therapy on a regular basis. But apparently this hasn’t been enough. We don’t have a prognosis of how he’s expected to do next year, with the full support of a special education staff, but I’m sure the small group of only 10 children, and rigorous occupational and speech therapies on site will help him vastly improve on his current delays. At least I hope so.

He continues to be a charming and adorable little boy. Everyone loves him, and he’s friendly and generous. But he can play with his trucks and tractors all day, and dislikes being challenged by other activities. We are so lucky that he has Karen. She plays with him, talks to him, and in general acts as a guide. He adores her and I can’t imagine how much more delayed he would have been without a big sister.

Yes, after drafting the above post, I got a call from Matan’s pre-school that he appears to have injured his arm and should see a doctor right away. Turned out to be a double fracture above the wrist. Poor kid didn’t understand why I wouldn’t remove his cast at night so he could go to sleep. He’s getting used to it now.