We borrowed an adorable pure bred cat for a week. I met a lovely woman and her daughter while waiting for Matan’s Occupational Therapy appointment. Her daughter also had some delays, so we got to talking, and it turns out that they bought a gorgeous kitten recently. They had a trip to London scheduled for Passover, but no one to care for “Julie”, while they were away.

Israelis aren’t great cat lovers. The majority of cats in this country roam the city streets, dumpster diving or relying on the kindness of “cat ladies”. Street cats are dirty, so people here think of cats as unclean, and it’s hard to find anyone willing to take in a cat for a short vacation, even a well cared for house cat.

I was thrilled to offer our babysitting services for her cat, so long as Karen met and approved of the cat ahead of time. Matan loves all furry creatures, and Karen is currently in animal therapy. While she does have a strong fear of dogs and cats, she is always looking for opportunities to work at overcoming this fear. I hoped the experience would be therapeutic for both of them, plus a lot of fun without the commitment.

Karen met the cat, and approved, so we were all set to take custody when the family arrived with the cat yesterday. We wished them bon voyage, and the kids enjoyed playing with Julie all evening. The next day, I had to take the kids out for some shopping and cat supplies. We returned an hour later, but Julie was no where to be found. I told the kids not to worry, cats often hide in closets for a long time, especially in a new place. Never the less, I began searching. DH soon arrived home, and became very concerned about the missing cat, and the heavy responsibility we had taken on.

DH was freaking about what to tell the family, and whether we should call them and disturb their holiday. I was concerned, but managed to nap. DH was pissy and made sure I understood that since it was my idea to take the cat, I had to notify the family that their furball was gone. Karen finally had to tell him to chill out, which amused even him.

Karen and DH went to the park so she could ride her bike and roller blade with her girlfriend. When they returned two hours later, Julie was still missing. We began looking downstairs, in the parking lot, and finally I put up a sign in the lobby of our building, in case Julie had managed to get past us when we left earlier in the day.

Karen and I had just left a second time, to put up more lost cat signs, when my phone rang and DH tells me, “HaHatul beYadeinu”. We rushed home and found that Julie had apparently had a long afternoon nap in a location still unknown.