He’s doing well too. He’s using more and more verbs, and has even shown off his two latest drawings from pre-school. He had never shown off any of his coloring attempts before, so I think the bulletin board in his bedroom with all his Occupational Therapy works of art have had the desired effect (or is it affect?).

He’s still really into his vast collection of wheeled vehicles, but he’s starting to branch out. He’s social to a fault, and parents are genuinely surprised when I say he’s going into special ed preschool next year. I guess he doesn’t fit the idea people have how a delayed child should look and act. It makes me even more convinced that his delays, while significant, are normal when you consider the point at which he started when we adopted him. During that time he’s gone from acting like a very young baby in many ways, to looking like a rather large 3 year old. Sure, he’s 4, and he’s only now starting to hit some of the three year old developmental milestones, but at least he’s moving forward.

He still has poor coordination and we are having his eyes and hearing retested this summer. But he’s very active, loves to run and jump. However, as I read Moshe Elbaum’s exercises for various problems, I feel fairly certain that once K is finished with him, Matan will start.

I’m confident that we’ll be a lot wiser once we see how he does in September. Now my job is to focus on what to do with the kids for July and August. Hot months with no school, and expensive and limited child care options.