What a week. I bounced between hopelessness that K’s improvements were transitory and could suddenly disappear; and bliss to learn that two of K’s classmates wanted to make plans with her this week. These are not girls she’s known for three years of pre school and kindergarten, like almost half the girls in her class. These are “new” girls, whom she only met at the beginning of this school year.

K’s teacher reported that she’s been making a lot of effort to repair friendships with other girls, many of whom she had alienated, if not by directly hitting them, then by scaring them off during her anger spells. We finally had a chance to invite K’s last play date over after school, and things went well. Some tension arose when K felt the other girl was “winning” at a homework assignment they were doing together. I separated them to complete the homework, and then all was well. The girl was quiet and polite, a real joy.

Then we get reports that K made a great impression on both her teacher and parent chaperones during their annual class trip on Thursday. And if that wasn’t enough for one week, this morning another girl’s mother called to tell me her daughter really wanted to invite Karen over. Apparently they are both strong girls, and had had a run in at the beginning of the year. But to see them together today, one would assume they were long time best friends. Such is the social life of the normal first grader. Could this mean we’re finally entering the realm of a normal 7 year old? I don’t need boring normal, just manageable would be nice.