Everything seems to be going well. True, I feel overwhelmed by the number of therapy appointments for the kids, and about finding them childcare solutions for the whole summer, but that aside, I have everything to be grateful for.

Matan’s language skills continue to improve, surprising neighbors who may not have seen him for a week or two. In Occupational Therapy (OT), he’s doing more artwork, and is also able to concentrate for longer periods of time. He even did a real puzzle today. He continues to be social with almost everyone. But he’s clearly emotionally attached to his sister and the two of us, especially to me. Although when he’s angry at me, he’ll look to K to be his surrogate mother, a role she usually adores playing.

And my dear, sweet, amazing K. She continues to improve her social ties and is very proud of her good record at school. Her teachers are pleased, even though she’s been less attentive in class. She’s much happier with herself, which is more important than anything else.