Matan loves talking on the phone, he also loves most of Karen’s girlfriends, especially the ones with pretty hair, who let him touch it. Yesterday, K’s friend came to the pool with us, and Matan became entranced by her and how she played with him and let him touch her hair. He eventually became annoying to the girls with his incessant attention seeking, so they both went to sleepover at the girlfriend’s house.

Come morning, we speak with K to arrange pickup and Matan insistently tugged the phone away from me, asking to speak with K’s girlfriend by name. She came to the phone, and he proceeded to tell her that he doesn’t have gan today, he’s on vacation. Then he seemed to get stuck trying to ask her to come play with him. He didn’t seem sure of what he actually wanted, except to let her know he was available today. It was so cute, since it was clear he wanted to ask her out, a big girl, 3 years older than him! I was also glad to see him struggle to put both his thoughts and his words together to try and make some sort of plan. I could see his brain working while he was talking to her.

Matan often develops crushes on K’s friends or their mothers, but this is the first time he’s tried to make plans with any of them. Apparently both my children are a little precocious, but at weird stuff!