It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed an office atmosphere so I’m happy to have found something that allows me to be part of an office, but work part time, with fairly flexible hours. A mommy job, and exactly what I need now in order to devote enough time to my family and myself.

So how did I land this dream, mommy-job? I posted my requirements to Facebook, where many of my friends are people with whom I have worked in the past. I also post most of my blog posts there so any interested friends can take a closer look, or just read the headline in Facebook.

A few hours after posting, I get a call from a former colleague, asking me to interview to join her team, It was a marketing position, part time, offering me pretty much what I had outlined in my Facebook post.

Facebook can’t “get you a job”, nor can blogging. But being “out there”, and in the mind streams of people who matter can help you get a job. Facebook is only one aspect of self branding.