School’s out and K’s at camp. Every day M asks me when he gets to start his new pre-school and both of them are looking forward to babysitting a cat again for two weeks this summer, and perhaps going away for a few nights to a zimmer in the Golan.

K’s thriving at summer camp. Her Judo instructor runs the entire program so even though there are about 100 kids, K still gets her fix of attention from the top gun. She’s happy with the activities and is ready to sign up for a second session. I’m so grateful that she’s been able to maintain her behavior, even in a less structured environment. She’s investing a lot of effort to show me, and herself, how much she’s changed. Today at the pool a boy was acting aggressively towards her and a younger girl she was playing with. K first tried to move away and ignore the boy. I could see her heating up. She said something to him, it looked like she was trying to reason with him. Suddenly it looked like they were all friends, and no one was angry anymore. I was SOOOOO proud of my girl!