Its the hellish final two weeks of summer vacation, and the kids have no where to go but home. Summer camps are all over, and it’s too hot to do much outside that doesn’t involve immersion in water.

I had planned to send them both to the pool with a babysitter for some mornings during the two weeks from hell. But now it won’t work because of Matan’s cast. He can’t go to the pool. Staying inside makes them both stir crazy.

I’ll take them to a few movies, and a play, but that hardly eats up 2 weeks. Back to the sensory integration issues, Matan’s occupational therapist told me going to the gymboree, and climbing, jumping and playing in a safe environment was excellent for him. Among other things, it’s supposed to help him learn to adjust to recognize what could be dangerous. One of his problems is that he has no sense of danger in his physical environment, and will happily jump or run very unsafely if I’m not there to stop him. Luckily, he did well in a gymboree last week, even with his broken arm. He just had to make some adjustments, which he did quite well. After 2 hours in the gymboree last week, Matan was calm and relaxed. It does seem to help with a whole array of issues, including balance, self esteem and learning to understand the limitations of his physical environment.

A gymboree is a large indoor playground, where everything is padded and it often includes slides, climbing areas, small trampolines built into the structure, and other fun things to explore.

Karen is getting a little old for a gymboree, but she can still have fun, especially if she’s there with Matan. I give them at least an hour before at least one of them starts complaining about something…ok, I’d be lucky with 20 minutes…

Yep, 40 minutes, and “I’m hungry”…..