My latest and greatest conspiracy theory on possible war in the Middle East came from this story:
U.S. officials: Securing Syria’s chemical weapons could take thousands of troops – Haaretz Daily Newspaper.

The United States, Israel and Western powers have been discussing the nightmarish possibility that some of Assad’s chemical weapons could make their way to militant groups – al-Qaeda style Sunni Jihadi insurgents or pro-Iranian Shi’ite Lebanese fighters from Hezbollah.

Some Western intelligence sources suggested that Hezbollah and Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, both close allies of Syria, might try to get hold of the chemical weapons in the case of a total collapse of government authority.”

So perhaps all this talk of war which appears aimed at preparing Israelis for a major operation by yakking across all media about taking out Iran’s nuclear facilities, something everyone agrees won’t actually stop Iran from getting nukes, has a different goal, to prepare public opinion for something else, not a direct attack on Iran, but a ground mission to temporarily secure Syria’s WMD sites (horribly long sentence, my apologies). But then what? How can Israel hold on to them in unfriendly territory until an international force or new Syrian government can safely contain them. Barring a containment plan, it seems unlikely that anyone will be able to keep all kinds of weapons from disappearing in the eventual collapse of the Assad regime, including the most lethal. Only fanatics would be crazy enough to try and handle the stuff on their own, so it will likely be fanatics who get hold of the stuff.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could rely on the Arab League to secure them? Not that it would be in Israel’s interest, but from a global perspective, it would seem to be their responsibility when one of their member states fail.

Ok, I know it’s a completely unrealistic scenario. After leaving Lebanon, Ehud Barak isn’t going to want even a small mission into Syria. They hate us, and no Arab country would thank us for securing the WMD. The opposite, they would accuse Israel of using it as an excuse for imperialism, colonialism, and a bunch of other -isms. Better the US should let the Turks take care of it. Maybe Israel’s challenge will be to sit on the sidelines, and hold tight borders while the Turks secure, and probably acquire, Assad’s WMD.

PS, I will be pissed if Debka takes my idea and runs with it.