I am beyond content with the school situations for both children this year. Karen doesn’t tell us much, but she seems more motivated and less stressed. She has her complaints, but her teacher reports that she has been very cooperative, helpful and hasn’t shown any combativeness. She still likes her after school program after the second day, and about 20 mosquito bites. She worked so hard to improve her behavior so she could go there. All last year she kept asking and begging, and we kept telling her that if she was able to truly improve her behavior, she could go. She succeeded, so we kept our end.

Matan is thrilled, as are we, with his rides to and from school. While I’m still short of an after school plan for him, at least he has a private ride home, door to door, from gan. They pick him up in front our our home at 7 am, so I just need to throw on something minimally presentable, and wait with him for a few minutes. We get to see all the dog walkers. By the time he came back today at 2 pm, he was half asleep in the taxi, but revived quickly at the mention of lunch.

I actually went to the office today, and DH was good enough to take half a day off to be here to take Matan home at 2. It’s the only day this week I’ve been able to go in, which is a bit stressful. But it’s such a relief that both of them are happy in their settings, and feel like they got what they wanted. Karen go the after school program she’s wanted since early last year, and Matan has the best pre-school we could ever have imagined. The rides to and from are icing. We don’t even need to worry about walking him to gan or whether he will be clingy. He loves the bus, and was thrilled to climb aboard this morning. The facility itself is new, and he loves the textures, calm and care. The staff act as if it’s a very expensive private facility, not something run by the municipality. The head teacher is wonderful, and has already gone above and beyond.