Dudu and Karen just returned from a fab overnight camping trip in the Negev with most of her class. A brilliant dad offered to organize a fathers-only camping trip. This is the second camping trip they’ve done, and it’s been a smashing success.

Imagine, moms with younger children stay home, and all the dads go camping with their second graders, and any other children in the family deemed old enough. In our case, Matan stayed home with me, and got to watch the amazing light and sound show that was our first real thunderstorm of the season. Luckily, the campers in the Negev only had strong winds. It rarely rains in the desert, but flash floods can be dangerous. Some moms were a bit worried about the missiles from Gaza that have been bombarding the western Negev since last week. Luckily, all went well.

After a three hour drive, they arrived in time to set up tents and bbqs before it got dark. After dinner, they used a white sheet and projector to show a movie. I think they even made popcorn. It was so popular that other campers showed up to watch and join the fun.

Karen got to stay up late and play with her friends. The next day, they trekked the desert with a guide hired by the dad who organized the trip. For Karen, nothing could have been better. She’s felt alienated and friendless at times. This trip showed her, yet again, that she has more than one good friend in her class. Dudu reports that she bonded really well with a couple of the girls. We’re so happy we kept her in this class. There was a point last year where the school wanted us to switch her to a different class after parent complaints. This year, no complaints, and a class that is quickly becoming the envy of the school.