Big day today, lost my “boom” virginity. I’ve lived in Israel for 15 years, but until today, booms were something I watched on the news. Today I finally heard my first boom. It was muffled, and not too close, but enough to give me an idea.

The kids had returned from school, and we were driving to lunch at my grandmother’s house, just like we do every Friday. We were almost there when we heard the siren. DH pulled the car up to the nearest curb, we took the kids out of their boosters, and ran over to a nearby wall, crouching up against it with both kids. Karen asked what was happening, and I answered, “an exercise”. One woman who was sharing our wall, began walking back towards her car. That’s when we heard the surreal, deep bass sounds of some sort of bomb or missile. Probably a Patriot or Iron Dome taking down one of the Fajr 5 missiles supplied by Iran.

The kids are pissed off that we won’t take them to the park this afternoon. We’ll be sticking close to home this weekend, needless to say.