Memories began popping into my head after we chatted over coffee, and finally parted ways. At first I wasn’t sure if seeing him made me feel old, because almost a lifetime seems to have gone by, or whether I felt better about my age since he looked so good for his that I figured I may not be off base thinking I look pretty good too.

But once I had exhausted the vanity angle, I began thinking about where I was with my life, how I felt about my decisions and where I am today. Happily, after a few days of questioning and soul searching, I reached the conclusion that things were going really well, and there are no regrets.

Seeing my ex, I began thinking of why it would have never worked out with him. At the most basic level, I’m just not into working out. Over the years I tried. I tried running. I tried biking. I tried spinning, I’ve even tried working out at the gym. It’s just not me. I could never have kept up with him. It was good then, and he’s a cool person, but I enjoy being adored. I don’t think he ever did, and I know DH does.