OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m happy with Matan’s development in his special education class. He’s speaking freely, and and while he still lacks some clarity, both in sound and precise wording, everyone can understand him when he wants to be understood. He’s very social and his teacher reports that he’s a leader much of the time. But then, he’s always social. He makes friends with new children at the playground all the time.

We’ve been so fortunate that he’s in a regular (non special ed) afterschool program. He has a wonderful teacher who gives him a lot of extra attention to ensure that he participates. She even snaps photos with her phone and sends them to me a few times a week. The other children are in kindergarten, so actually a year older than Matan. He seems to like it, and comes home exhausted. He’s in love with a sweet girl who began giving him attention when she noticed he didn’t speak much. Apparently both her parents are deaf, so she was more sensitive to him. Now he talks about her every day to tell me if she played with him today or not. Some days he’s bummed because she didn’t play with him alone. He’s very possessive!

He also started hydrotherapy again. We had a few sessions with one therapist but then winter came and it was always cold and dark. The warm water is really great for his sensory integration and since he has a fear of water similar to K’s fear of animals, getting past it and learning to swim will also be good for him. I was really impressed with the pool we took him to. It’s used exclusively for therapy purposes, and all therapy is done one-on-one. Matan really needs that level of attention when he’s in water. Today was really just an evaluation, but he loved it, and can’t wait to go back. He says he’s afraid, but he also gets really excited about going again next week.