A weekend to think about things seems to have helped K better understand how her actions influence what she gets to do in terms of longer term planning on her part. This week kicked off well, with lots of friends and independence. I’m not sure which of the two is more important to her. She rode her bike to and from school, and later walked alone the few blocks to her gymnastics class. After that she walked another few blocks to a friend’s house where she made plans to meet un p with a bunch of girls. From all reports, a good time was had by all, thank you G-d.

Good news about Matan as well. He seems to be progressing well in his special ed class, and fits in nicely in his regular after care program. I had a long talk with his after care teacher, and she reports that he’s social and plays with a wide range of different children. She says he doesn’t actively participate in discussions, probably because he’s intimidated to speak in a group where all the children are both older and have much stronger speech skills. But she says he sits quietly and listens and participates innon-verbal activities. She says that anyone entering the class wouldn’t notice anything “different” about Matan.

I also met with Matan’s art t therapist at pre-school, and she reports progress in terms of his ability to relate increasingly complex ideas. His fine motor skills still suck, though. Overall, she was very positive although she was unable to say whether his problem is mostly emotional, or mostly cognitive. In other words, does he intentionally fail to make an effort because he wants to remain an infant, or is he unable to make the effort and follow through because he just doesn’t understand.  He does seem to read social cues of other children extremely well, so that indicates to me a good cognitive ability that he isn’t maximizing either because he wants to still be a baby to make  up for his lost babyhood; or because it doesn’t seem to be worth the effort; or because of an inability to focus due to ADHD.

We’re meeting his developmental doctor next week to discuss the medication option. While I’m against it in theory, he isn’t learning nearly enough to start first grade in time. His hyperactivity may also be linked to the fact that he’s broken bones 3 times in about 12 months.  We’re also following up with bone scan and other tests to determine if there is an organic problem with his bones, but each break was accompanied by hyperactivity and a complete disregard for his own safety. The orthopedists who saw him after his breaks said it could be normal for an over active 4 year old, but his pediatrician sent us to a bone specialist anyway,  just to be on the safe side.