View from our apartment this morning


  We awoke to snow that is expected to continue until the end of next week.  Here’s a photo of how lovely things are looking now.      

I’m reading the FRUA boards now for updates. It sounds like at least one of the American families was able to resolve the issue.  They did not give details.     

On a bright note, today we took Matan out of the baby house for the first time.  We took him to get his passport photo taken.  One of the baby home caretakers came with us, but he only wanted me to hold him.  He didn’t cry at all, and even looked out the window and laughed a few times.  This was very different from Karen’s first car ride to get photos done.  She cried the entire time and it was hard to get a photo without tears that could be used for the passport.  One more week….with luck!