I’m just thrilled to see how many readers are actually interested in our story.  I get a country report listing where your IP is located.  I think I can guess who my regular reader in Slovakia is, a good friend and customer, unless I”m mistaken.

I’ve also noticed regular readers in South Africa.  I have no idea who this can be, but I’m happy that our story is engaging enough to bring you back.  I’d love to know who you are, if you aren’t too shy to introduce yourself/ves. 

Today we should be putting in the formal request for Matan’s passport.  It doesn’t look like we’ll make it home by this weekend, but a good chance we will finally make it out of Lugansk with 2 children, and be able to spend the weekend in Kiev.  Then just apostille and visa early next week, and we are ready to board the first plane out of Borispol!

I’ll update as we go….and again, thank you everyone for your support and for reading my blog.  Writing it has helped maintain my sometimes wavering sanity and knowing you are reading is a nice little ego stroke that makes me smile and keeps me motivated to continue writing.