Yesterday was my last day at Zend Technologies, where I spent the last five years selling software to customers all over the world. It’s been a long time in the works, but not something I could blog about, for obvious reasons.

We parted on excellent terms, and I sent out a farewell letter that really made me think about how great an employer Zend has been to support me through both our international adoptions. Travelling to Ukraine for 30+ days with a five year old (Karen) is always stressful. Added to the intense pressure to find a healthy child with whom you can bond and worrying about last minute legal problems that may disrupt the adoption just when you think things are finally almost over, it meant the world to know that both our employers, Zend and DH’s employer, supported us throughout. I don’t know how people manage unless they have a supportive employer.

So kudos to Zend for being a fantastic employer, and for being a leader in the world of open source software development. For me it’s the end of a successful 5 year sales run. I’m almost afraid to try sales for another company. Zend software was a pretty easy sell to companies looking for tools to tune and optimize their PHP based Internet applications.