For Ukraine adoption information, this blog is a treasure trove. But I’m not sure it’s easy to find the information adoptive parents may be seeking here.

Yesterday a visitor spent a good amount of time researching adoption via various searches on this blog. My goal in starting a blog was to provide information, in the form of our personal story, for couples seeking to adopt from Eastern Europe. My original blog, covers the time period of the adoption. Of course, you can also read the story by going back to Dec. 2009 on this blog as well. The blog starts here. To make things easier, I’ve been considering creating an ebook out of the blog that can be downloaded and read by anyone who wants to know what it was really like spending 45 days in Ukraine, with Karen, during a very cold winter and never knowing from one day to the next, what new obstacle would rear it’s ugly feet.

The final days in Ukraine felt like a military operation. We had to obtain a passport for Matan during a time when Ukraine had run out of passport covers, and new ones would only be available several months later. Many Ukrainians were stuck abroad and unable to obtain replacement passports during this time as well. Then we had to remove a very tiny and frail Matan from the baby home, get him from southern Ukraine to Kiev, get a visa for him to come to Israel, and then get the hell out of dodge.

I’m very happy to answer questions about international adoption, and our experiences if there are couples out there who are looking for information to help them plan their trip, or who may be stuck in Ukraine and wondering if the “problems” will never end. “Problems” refers to our facilitator, who seemed to have a new administrative problem to relay to us each morning. Please, if you have question, you can contact me directly via the contact form here I will not publish any contact forms without your express approval.