Although the insurance companies, via the media, assured us that there were enough flu shots available, when I tried to get an appointment last week, was told they are out of stock, and to try back in two weeks. Meanwhile, Saturday, Matan came down with a stomach virus, DH’s back went out, and he can barely walk, and I haven’t slept in more than 45 minute intervals since Friday night. Each time Matan falls asleep, his stomach ache wakes him within an hour.

But I’m not complaining. This time last year we were just flying back from Ukraine. I had taken a box of medicines, including several rounds of antibiotics for a range of infections. At the time, the Ukrainians were so afraid of swine flu, we saw very few children out and about. Karen was an anomaly, shadowing us everywhere. We took every opportunity to get out of the apartment to keep from going stir crazy. I can’t imagine how Russians manage to stay in their tiny apartments all winter, hunkered down with a family, including grandmother living in a one bedroom. The great news was that we had all our winter medicines still boxed up on the flight home. I’m willing to pay now for having our health while we were stuck in that sinkhole with no access to an acceptable level of modern medicine.

I was so worried that Karen would get sick before her birthday party, I vowed not to complain of any viruses for the rest of the year. We made it healthily through her big day, so now I really can’t complain. I’m home, not working, and available to care for them night and day. Now if we can just get through Karen’s try outs today with her still healthy, but I’m not complaining. Somehow, I feel very fortunate. Then again, I’m not the one with the stomach virus.